12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions


Are you a food addict?

Are you looking to recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body?

Do you want to know how to take the 12 steps and live in the “Sunlight of the Spirit?”

If so, please join us as we TAKE — not STUDY – all 12 Steps as presented in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1 hour sessions.

Our goal is to learn how to:

Seek and maintain ongoing contented abstinence.

And understand how to take others through the 12 steps.

We will be reading the book: The Spiritual Solution: Simple & Effective Recovery Through the Taking & Teaching of The 12 Steps by John H.

The handouts from the book are posted below and can be printed directly from this post.

We have 2 meeting times:

When: Sunday

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST


7:30 – 8:30 PM EST

Meeting Limited to 1 Hour.

Number Of Sessions: flexible, but no more than 9

These meetings will meet on an ongoing basis.

Telephone Conference Number: 712-775-7031
Access Code: 140-565-208

These Meetings Will NOT Be Recorded.

The workshops are also presented as a WEBINAR, with phone and screen sharing capability.

We will email you exact instructions and links before workshop.

No Abstinence Requirements.

No Charge.

7th Tradition Observed.

To register, please email Devorah Yael at devorahyael@gmail.com or Elise at emotionalsobriety2013@gmail.com with your name and the telephone number(s) you will be using to call in to the meeting.

We are so looking forward to seeing you! Please spread the word with your program friends!

With blessings for abstinence, contented sobriety and recovery,

Devorah Yael, Shira, Elise & Michal

Workshop documents:

This is the basic format for the group:


This is the handout for the main quotes out of the AA Big Book


This is the homework for Step 2:



Here are two Step 2 Summary Worksheets

Step 2 original manuscript quotes

Step 2 conciderations

This was the homework for Step 3:

Self-Centerness Big Book Step 3

This is the explanation on how to do the 4th and 5th Step



This is my 1 page 4th Step guide. It can also be used for doing a 10th Step:

Step 4 Worksheet7-24-16

This is my explanation on how to do an inventory, and how to meditate.

Doing an inventory 11-11-2015

These worksheets were created by Jeremy B. and they are fabulous explanations on why and how to make amends. I like how practical they are!





The Big Workbook – Amends Form

Optional: One Minute Apology

These are my daily writing worksheets that I find helpful when doing a daily inventory:

daily writing 7-24-2016

Daily Inventory and Prayers7-24-2016

daily writing 7-24-2016 red box

To save on printing, we highly recommend that you buy the book by John H. It is a very wonderful book that will make taking another person through the steps much easier.

John H. also now how a video of his workshop posted on his site. Please go check it out!