Homework for 7/14/13

4 absolutes Dr Bobs graveHello all,

Thank you for your interest in the Emotional Sobriety – OA Workshop.

Our Homework assignment for:

Week #9      Due on     07/14/13

Read pages 3 – 4 from the Step 4 – Four Absolutes Inventory document, the “Love” section and write about “What does it look like in your life when you are absolutely Loving? Write out a vision for yourself….”.

From the “Next Step Exercises”, page 14:

Love: [Warm liking, Affection, Adoration, Devotion, Fondness, Tenderness, Attraction, Beauty]
To test if your behavior is Loving one may ask “Is my behavior giving of myself, expecting nothing in return and am I reflecting back the Unconditional Love I am receiving from God?”
“Not to give of himself brings the desolation of a new poverty to the sober alcoholic.”
“Fortunately for us love is inspiring from the very beginning…the joy of receiving can never match the real thrill of giving…Love is a poor man’s beginning toward God.”
“When we offer love, we offer our life; are we prepared to give it? When another offers us love, he offers his life; have we the grace to receive it? When love is offered God is there; have we received Him?”
“Love is ‘giving of yourself’ and unless we do, our progress will be lost. Each one owes the gift of this second life of sobriety to every other human being he meets in the ceaseless presence of God, and especially to other alcoholics who still suffer.” “If it is truly beautiful then it is the way of love, it is the way of AA, and it is the will of God as we understand

If you missed this week’s meeting, or you want to listen again, please see the “Recordings” page for further information.

Have a wonderful week!

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