Do You Have A Pure Heart Quiz?

purity idea

Hi Everyone!

As I was working on my writing on Absolute Purity, I came across this “quiz.”

I cannot vouch for it’s psychological validity or reliability. So, please do not take this seriously.

However, this is a program of action. Sometimes, it is helpful to think about “what does it mean when I am acting with a pure heart?”  How can we take an abstract concept and translate it into more concrete actions?

The link to take the quiz and have it scored is below.


1. If you had done something wrong but could get away with it by lying you would…
Tell the truth, even if I get into trouble.
Depends on what I did.

2. When you look at pictures of natural disasters, do you feel like donating money?
Yes, I’d want to help those poor people!
I want to help but I won’t do anything.
No, I don’t care

3. When you hear of expensive celebrations you wonder how people could spend so much when there are people dying of poverty
Yes, all the time.
Sometimes, It depends how much money.
No, spending money is fun!

4. If you happen to think badly of your enemy, do you think badly of yourself after?
Yes, even if they’re my enemy I shouldn’t do it.
Depends why they are my enemy…
No! They deserve it.

5. You watch someone have something unjust happen to them, what do you do?
Go stand up/ help them.
You want to help but you are too scared or embarrassed.
Ignore them; pretend you didn’t see it happen.

6. Do you say sorry to yourself/God/someone, when you do something bad, even if it was a mistake?
I have to or I’ll feel guilty.
Depends on how bad a thing it was.
No, I don’t care.

7. You see a little girl crying you…
Go over and help them, see what’s wrong.
Feel sad but don’t do anything.
You’re the one that made her cry.

8. You see a young mum (16 years) bellow out walking her kid, you…..
You don’t do anything. You can’t judge people you don’t know.
You feel a little shocked/upset, but don’t do/say anything.
Go and annoy her and start talking about underage-sex.

What is your experience?  How can we translate knowledge into right action?



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