Homework for 7-28-13

purity idea

Hi Everyone:

Thank you for your interest in the Emotional Sobriety – OA Workshop.

Our Homework assignment for:

Week #11 due on 7/28/13

We are going to finish reading The Four Absolutes Inventory document, the “Purity” section and write about “What does it look like in your life when you demonstrate absolute Purity?

Write out a vision for yourself….”

This morning we shared our writing on Love in the 4 Absolutes and began reading on Purity.

Next week, we will finish the reading on Purity and sharing our writing on “what does it look like when I am absolutely pure?”

The playback reference number is 2214634#.

After this, we will have completed The Four Absolutes and we will start working on step 1.

The assignment for Step 1 is: write the “Tornado Exercise” and the “Unmanageability Exercise.”  Both are listed on the blog.

My goal is to consolidate the step 1 handouts into one document.

Have a wonderful week.  Looking forward to “seeing” you all on Sunday!


With blessings for peace and recovery,


4 absolutes Dr Bobs grave

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