The Serenity Prayer and the Four Absolutes

The Serenity Prayer and the Four Absolutes

4 Absolutes & Serenity Prayer


Each part of the serenity prayer is connected to the four absolutes.

There are 4 components to the serenity prayer: serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom.

Serenity corresponds to selflessness.  When we are selfless, we are not looking outside for a solution to an inside problem.  We are able to give freely, because we are not looking for other people to change so that we can be happy.  We become less concerned about ourselves and more concerned about others.

Ultimately, serenity is the objective of a sane life.  Without peace of mind, we cannot be happy. We cannot have inner peace without trust and faith in our Higher Power.

Acceptance corresponds to honesty.  Accepting the things we cannot change removes the veil of dishonesty and denial. We avoid living in self-deception and become willing to accepting reality as it is, not how we want it to be.  No longer living in delusion we become able to choose to look for what is authentic and good in the world rather than expecting it to be different than how it is.

Courage corresponds to love.  When we are courageous, we live with our hearts. What do we have the courage to change: our attitude, our acceptance and our actions.  We can change the way we think about our situation, how we respond to our feelings towards others and how we relate to others. We cannot directly control our feelings. However, we can influence our feelings through two other factors we can control — our thinking and our actions.

Wisdom corresponds to purity.  With wisdom, we develop awareness. True wisdom is thinking with the end in mind: it is the combination of knowledge and love without manipulation or hidden agendas.  When we have purity, we have the ability to be discerning and seek to do what is right and according to God’s will.  Wisdom is the balance between acceptance and courage.

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