Love: The Rose 

This week, we did something a little more creative during our group.

Our homework on Absolute Love was to write about: “what does it mean when I am absolutely loving? Write out a vision for your self…..”

The connection between love, beauty and faith in contrast to fear and ugly were difficult for me to understand. 

So, I wanted to find another source which would describe love not as “a feeling of pleasure,” but as “giving without an expectation of receiving.”

For fun, I looked for a popular song which met that criteria. The closest I found was The Rose by Bette Midler.


Below is my interpretation of the lyrics of The Rose by Bette Midler.

In this song, I believe Bette Midler touches on the concept of Absolute Love. The song describes  how:

  1. fear blocks us off from loving and being loved.
  2. love, given freely, allows us to grow into who we are meant to be.
  3. despite our suffering and losses, love creates beauty, like the beauty of the rose.

I wrote my comments using italics.

Lyrics of The Rose

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed

Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed

Here, the song describes how some people see love as something that hurts and destroys whatever grows in its path. Love is something that leaves you raw and exposed and drains your vitality.

Some say love, it is a hunger an endless aching need

Love here is about lust and to fill our inner emptiness and need for physical pleasure.

I say love, it is a flower and you, it’s only seed.

How does a seed grow? Love is the natural growth and unfolding of who we really are and the creation of who we are meant to be.

It’s the heart, afraid of breaking that never learns to dance

If you are afraid, you cannot feel joy

It’s the dream, afraid of waking that never takes the chance

If you are afraid, you cannot take the necessary risks to grow

It’s the one who won’t be taken who cannot seem to give

If you are afraid, you are blocked off from connecting to others and sharing what you have.

And the soul, afraid of dying that never learns to live

If we are living in fear, we cannot enjoy the moment and be fully present and connected.

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long

And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow

Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose

When God provides us with what we need, despite the obstacles that we encounter: the loneliness and difficulties, and feelings of weakness and misfortune, we blossom and become transformed into something beautiful and desirable.

There were beautiful shares today on this topic. One person in our group, “Emma” shared how when she was younger, she thought that romance and love were all about what she was going to  receive from the other person and what they were going to do for her. The outcome of her selfish demands and expectations, was a life of resentments and fear.

However, through program, Emma shared that she has learned about how true love is about giving and loving unconditionally, not about getting. 

The action of loving others by giving to them, has enabled her to stop having unreasonable expectations. 

The joy of giving to others has become so pleasurable for her that it has transformed her relationships with her loved ones.

We also discussed how when we are connected to God, and place God in the center of any relationship, we are then able to give and share what we have from a healthy place.

My favorite line was, “you can’t love other people if you are serving from an empty glass.”

Thank you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope!

In love and service,


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