Blogs that We Follow

The following is a listing of recovery related Blogs that we like and wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

Step Study

12-Step history and practice

Dave’s Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom is designed to inspire, motivate & connect with people & their everyday circumstances.

Carrots, Eggs or Coffee? Which One Are YOU

“RECOVERY TABLE” Spiritual Awakening, Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery

This blog is a forum for discussion about recovery from alcoholism and other addictions, based on the 12-STEPS of Alcoholics Anonymous and the FOUR ABSOLUTES – Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Love.

Is it My Will or God’s Will?

This is a wonderful link to an incredible amount of documentation on 12 step program and recovery, which available for free. I highly recommend this link!

A favorite blog of mine:

Many of the worksheets for our group come from this site.  I highly recommend that you visit this site.  Very insightful and aware.

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