ES&F 2016 Documents

I thought it might be helpful to have a separate new tab for the documents that we are using for our new Emotional Sobriety and Food Workshop.

This is the Unofficial Guide that we will be using to guide our step work:

Unofficial Guide

This is the annotated Big Book Workbook, that we will be using for the reading of the Big Book up to I believe page 101.

The Big Workbook

The is the Original Manuscript of the AA Big Book

org_manu aa Big Book

This is something that I found with only the personal stories:


This is the 4 Absolutes:

Step_4_Four_Absolutes_Inventory (this one includes the 4 Absolutes Inventory)

The Four Absolutes

This is the document that inspired this blog:

Emotional Sobriety …. A Journey of Perspective

This is some background documents that discuss the concepts of emotional sobriety:

Al Kohallek Goes 12 Stepping Whole PDF

40 Day Speedshop

Addiction Meditation Contemplative Practice


This is a very helpful explanation of addiction:

Root Cause of Addiction

what is emotional sobriety

I am only planning on using these documents in the beginning of our group, but, I still thought that it could be helpful for the group:



Passages through recovery


McClone Sem Dept 9-5-06




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