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Please note: *If any of the original sources of the documents below believe that this is in violation of copyright, please contact me directly through the blog or by email at:

Here is a pdf of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of AA.

This is a pdf of the long form of the 12 Traditions.

This is a list of the books and documents that we will be using during our workshop.

Here is the link to view or download a free copy of the books Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book), Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

Initially, we will be reading from  Emotional_Sobriety  by Bill W.

We will briefly review the next 2 articles:



After we read the article by Bill W. on Emotional Sobriety, we will be reading about the 4 Absolutes, which were from the Oxford Group and used by the pioneers of our program before the AA Big Book was written.

Step_4_Four_Absolutes_Inventory (this one includes the 4 Absolutes Inventory)

The Four Absolutes

This is the annotated Big Book Workbook, that we will be using for the reading of the Big Book up to I believe page 101.

The Big Workbook

This is the Original Manuscript of the AA Big Book


This document does not include all of the stories from the Original Manuscript

org_manu aa Big Book

This is a copy of the Original Manuscript of the AA Big Book with all of the changes underlined

This is a larger print version of the original manuscript

If you decide that you want to use it, please make a contribution to the person who compiled it.

During an off topic meeting on 1-03-2021, we started reading Becoming Recovered. We liked it so much, that we decided to read it instead of the original manuscript. The document is an open-sourced and copyright free version of the AA Big Book, written in more modern language.

Here is the next document that we will be doing


What does everyone think?

This is the Unofficial Guide that we will be using to guide our step work:

Unofficial Guide

This is something that we will also read and discuss during our meetings:


This is a very helpful explanation of addiction:

Root Cause of Addiction

During our discussion on the first 3 Steps, we will be reading The Act of Surrender in the Therapeutic Process by Harry M. Tiebout, M.D.  We also read a Dr.-Tiebout-article-The-Act-of-Surrendering for OA.

For Step 5, in addition to the AA Big Book, we will read The Unpopular Guide To Step 5.

This book is available for free as a PDF download, or available as a booklet.

For our Study on Steps 6 & 7, we will read and discuss the book, Drop the Rock

The 1 Minute Apology is what we will be reading during our study on Steps 8 & 9.

This is a summary of the book: One-Minute-Apology

For Steps 10 and 11 and 12, we will read and discuss The Unpopular Guide To Step 10, and also Unpopular Studies In The Last Three Steps, which are also available for free as a PDF download or available as a booklet.

We will also be reading from Drop The Rock — The Ripple Effect. Using Step 10 To Work Steps 6 and 7 Everyday.

For Step 11, we read the book Prayer And Meditation – A Practical Guide To The life Promised In Step 11 by Tom R.

Another book we will be reading is You Can’t Make Me Angry By Dr. Paul O.

Other books used in our workshop:

The Little Red Book. (Each word is linked to a different online site if you would like to buy the book. Here is a pdf of the chapter on Step 12, which we read during our group.

We read from the step guide written by Lawrie C. The link posted is to his site, where you can download the book.

For fun, during one of our off topic meetings, we read: GRESHAM’S LAW & ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR CUP OF TEA? STRONG? – MEDIUM? – WEAK?

I am posting it here for reference purposes only.

We are planning on reading and discussing the following books:

There’s More to Quitting Drinking than Quitting Drinking by Dr. Paul O.

A New Pair of Glasses by Chuck C. There is a more expensive text of the same book also available on Amazon. I am not sure how to distinguish one from the other.

“Living Clean – The Journey Continues” which is published by NA. It addresses many of the topics that we discuss during our group.

Finally, we will conclude our workshop by doing a group inventory (each word is to a different link to the same information) to assess “How well is our group carrying the message of recovery?”

As a group, we read and discussed the AA Group pamphlet by AA. Included in the pamphlet is a group inventory.

Overall, the response to the pamphlet was mixed. Some of us enjoyed it, and others found it boring and not helpful for their recovery. Although I am glad that we read it, I do not think that we will read it again.

We enjoyed reading the NA literature so much that we started reading and discussing as a group Guiding Principles the Spirit of Our Traditions by NA. Here is a link to a pdf of a draft of the book.

Future Suggestions: We discussed reading the Recovery Reader, 2nd edition in the past, which is available for free from internet archives, or as a hard copy

Our group will alternate between reading and discussing a particular step, and from the stories in the AA Big Book.

This is a link to the First Edition Big Book Stories

This is a link to the first section of the stories in the AA Big Book.

The is a link for the second section of the stories in the AA Big Book.

This is a link for the third section of the stories in the AA Big Book.

They are all available for free as a PDF download from AA World Service.

Online Dictionary 

The documents below are not official program literature, but, we may refer or read some of excerpts from them.

The PDF of the book by William James that is also mentioned in the AA Big Book with respect to understanding a spiritual experience:



Chuck C. is iconic, although his book never became part of official conference approved literature.

Chuck_C. Gems of Wisdom

This is a link to a wonderful document on taking a sponsee through the steps: A Step by Step Guide for Sponsors: A Companion to AA Big Book and 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

If we decide to do the steps again, I would love to use that as the basis for our workshop.

For anyone looking for free program information and speakers, check out sobriety first

Please note: *If any of the original sources of the documents above believe that this is in violation of copyright, please contact me directly through the blog or by email at:


  1. Do you have a copy of the notes/handouts by Dave F and Mark H from: The Next Step Emotional Sobriety workshop that was done at the Wilson House, Feb 8 – 10 2002

    • On the blog, Dave F. shared a link to access all of this wonderful recordings and handout.
      In addition, justloveaudio has many of Dave F’s handouts. I think that this is a link to the one that you are requesting. Otherwise, here is another one and this is also one that is similar. Finally, this is a shorter version of some stuff that you might like.

      If that is not what you are looking for, please let me know and I will see what else I can find. Enjoy! Thank you for reaching out.

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