Traditions Workshop

These are recent PDFs that I found on how to learn about the traditions.

So far, my current favorite is the first one listed:


This format suggests using the 5 documents below, in addition to, of course, the AA 12 & 12:




This is a copy of the articles written by Bill W. in the AA Grapevine on the traditions:

12 Traditions – Language of the Heart

This is a great list of questions on how to apply and practice the traditions:

12 traditions checklist

The 12 Traditions Workshop Pack (2004)

These are pamphlets put out by AA World Service about program and the traditions:



This is a very nice document on presenting the traditions by CA:


This is another version of the traditions checklist questions:


I found this online and I really liked it. It includes the steps and the traditions. I will try to post it elsewhere on the blog, for easier access:

12stepsmadeclear (1)