Another Step 4 to look at root causes and conditions

1.  List your memories of people, institutions or organizations; principles, ideas, or beliefs; and events, situations, or circumstances that trigger positive and negative feelings.
Include all of your tendencies towards sadness, regret, anger, resentment, fear, bitterness, pride, self-will and self-pity.
2.  Look beyond your past behaviors and examine the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that led to your behavior. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are actually the roots of your addictive behaviors.
a. Incident. What happened? In just a few words, give a short description of your memory of the event. Think more in terms of a summary rather than a long story.

b. Effect. What was the effect on you or others?

c. Feelings. What were your feelings at the time of the incident? What are your feelings now about it? Consider how your fears may have contributed to it.

d. Self-examination. How did your character weaknesses or strengths affect the situation? Do you see any evidence of pride, self-pity, self-deception, or self-will in your attitudes and actions? Be sure to record also those times when you acted right.

What outcome did I want in this situation and why?
How did I try to control the situation?
Was it any of my business?
What actions did I take or omit to get what I wanted?
Did I ignore reality?
Were my expectations reasonable for myself and for others?
Did I lie to myself or to others?
Did I ignore the feelings of others and think only of myself?
How did I act like a victim to control others, get attention and sympathy, be special, and so on?
Did I resist help from God and others?
Did I insist on being right?
Did I feel slighted for lack of recognition or acknowledgment?

3. List: What should I have done instead? How would God have me be? If this happens again, how might I respond differently?

Our resentments are overcome with forgiveness. Are you willing to forgive?

Are you willing with prayer to ask God for the willingness to forgive?

Our fears are overcome with faith. Are you willing to ask God to remove your fears?

Our harms are overcome by making our amends. Do I owe an amends? If I have an outstanding apology, it must be made as soon as practicable once the review has been completed.

Are you willing to forgive those who have harmed you?

Are you willing to let God removed from you all the things you find objectionable? Are you willing to ask God to help you let go of them?

Pray to have the character defect removed.

Ask God’s forgiveness and what corrective measures should be taken.

7th step prayer.

What are you grateful for?

Service to others and help carry the message!


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