2WP Resources

On this page are links to the resources for our Two Way Prayer Meetings on the blog


Two Way Prayer Format for group.

How to Listen to God

Meditation Music




I am experimenting with how to upload music to the blog. If it doesn’t work, here are 2 links to the music we often use.

(I am not sure how well they will work, so please let me know if you have any problems. I am also going to upload it to the phoneline, which might work better than any of the options above.)

Feel free to find a YouTube video of your choice. Alternatively, use no music, and use a timer on the screen.

Program Prayers

Link to more information on the 4 Absolutes

The West Coast Group also use the following documents:

2 Way Prayer-Leader-Guide-zoom 5.26.21.docx (Michael)


leahs script

Optional: daily 10th prayer & meditation