2WP Resources

On this page are links to the resources for our Two Way Prayer Meetings on the blog


Two Way Prayer Format 7-11-2021 format

How to Listen to God

There is another version of How to Listen to God which is more secular and rewritten in more modern language. The author, Jay Stinnett, changed the title to How to Listen. It is reposted on the blog with his permission.    

Meditation Music


If the above link doesn’t work, here are 2 links to the music we often use. Feel free to find a YouTube video of your choice or choose something from one of the links below. Another choice is to use no music, and set a timer on the screen to keep track of the time.

Below are links to 3 current favorite sources of relaxing mediation music available at archives.org. 

Zen Meditation Music;

Relaxing Nature Music;

Relaxing Spa Music.

Each link has several different options for relaxing music. The choices are almost all longer than 15 minutes

Link to more information on the 4 Absolutes

Program Prayers

Optional Tenth Step Inventory before Two Way Prayer

Currently, we are experimenting with doing a 10th Step Inventory before Two Way Prayer.

Here is the format that we are using.

Here are links for 2 templates for taking a daily 10th and 11th Step Daily Prayer and Meditation.

Following the Set-Aside Prayer, everyone does a 10th Step, silently yet together, with meditative music playing in the background for 10-15 minutes.

Here is the format to run the Tenth Step 5:00 AM ET Group

Daily Prayer & Meditation Tenth and Eleventh Step Inventory Format

Old format: Two Way Prayer Format for group.