Traditions’ References

I thought it would be helpful to have on one page all of the multiple documents that I have found online about the Traditions.

The goal of all these references is to be of service to the 12 Step community and to help carry a message of hope “to those who still suffer and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

*If any of the original sources of the documents below believe that this is in violation of copyright, please contact me directly through the blog or by email at:


The 12 Traditions are the general guidelines and guiding principles that keep 12 Step support groups focused on unity and singleness of purpose.

They address how, as addicts, we can live and work together as individuals within a group, the 12 Step organization as a whole and with the world outside.

In order to look at how to practice the traditions, a great place to start is this pamphlet on the topic by AA.

Individual Traditions and Worksheets

Below are copies of the traditions as outline in the AA 12 & 12 and worksheets:

Tradition 1

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 1

Tradition 1 Worksheet

Tradition 2

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 2

Tradition 2 Worksheet

Tradition 3

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 3

Tradition 3 Worksheet

Tradition 4

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 4

Tradition 4 Worksheet

Tradition 5

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 5

Tradition 5 Worksheet

Tradition 6

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 6

Tradition 6 Worksheet

Tradition 7

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 7

Tradition 7 Worksheet

Tradition 8

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 8

Tradition 8 Worksheet

Tradition 9

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 9

Tradition 9 Worksheet

Tradition 10

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 10

Tradition 10 Worksheet

Tradition 11

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 11

Tradition 11 Worksheet

Tradition 12

AA 12 & 12 Tradition 12

Tradition 12 Worksheet


Study Guides on the Traditions

This is one that I particularly like:


These are additional documents on how to learn more about the traditions:

Traditions Study Guide 2012

The 12 Traditions Workshop Pack (2004)


Bill W. on the Traditions

This is a copy of the articles written by Bill W. on the traditions and published in the book Language of the Heart.

12 Traditions – Language of the Heart

Amazing Traditions Worksheet

This is a wonderful document by Dave F. on the traditions. It is very through and quotes many of the original sources on all the traditions. Elsewhere on the blog you can find the links to hear his talks on the traditions.

12 Traditions Notes

How to Personalize the Traditions

Dan S., who wrote the BBA, suggested in a talk on the traditions that the traditions need to be personalized in order to understand them.

Here is another link to the worksheet he wrote:


12 Traditions Checklist

This is a copy of the 12 traditions checklist, originally published in the AA Grapevine.

12 traditions checklist

This is a variation of the traditions checklist with a few additions:

Cippenham Sunday Traditions Checklist

Combined Steps and Traditions Study Guide

I love this handout. I found it years ago on line, but unfortunately it is not available on the site where it was originally posted.


Smaller Documents

These are 2 smaller documents on the spiritual principles of the traditions:



12 Step Traditions Literature

This is a link to the NA 12 & 12 called How It Works and Why.

These are study guides from NA on the spiritual principles and the traditions:




This is a very nice document on presenting the traditions by CA:


This is a study guide of the traditions from Al Anon. I like it because it focuses on how to apply the traditions to relationships, not just the group.


Official AA Literature

This is by Bill W. on the traditions and how they developed

This is a classic and wonderful visual explanation of the traditions

Links to Official AA Literature:

AA 12 & 12

Group Inventory

A group inventory (each word is to a different link to the same information) is a wonderful way to assess “How well is our group carrying the message of recovery?”

Group Conscience

Below are a few articles that I found on how to have an informed group conscience:

This is an article from 1958 on AAs Group Conscience in Action from the AA Grapevine.

Here is a great link to a discussion on tradition 2 and group conscience which includes direct quotes from program literature.

Please note: *If any of the original sources of the documents above believe that this is in violation of copyright, please contact me directly through the blog or by email at:

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