Additional Recordings by Dave F.



Hi Everyone!

One of the influences for our blog and group are the recordings by Dave F. and Mark H.

I was able to contact Dave F. who generously also sent me the links to his various recordings. Included here are the audios in MP3 format, PDFs of all guides, work sheets, handouts and notes as well.

According to Dave F., “If there were only one thing I could teach in AA today it would be Steps 10 & 11. It is what I have found to be the key to long-term sobriety.”

Here are the various links and Dave’s explanation of each.

This is the current one that we are discussing in our group:


Steps 10 & 11

Big Book Archeology –  Big Book Archeology is his latest workshop that took a year and a half to record. It covers all the 12 steps, 12 traditions, 12 concepts and 6 warranties. Dave also wrote a 45 page guides and notes for the Big Book and 16 page document for each of the 12 traditions and 12 concepts. It is a very through and complete set of recordings and notes on the 12 Step program of recovery.

ATLANTA –Missing the Solution  is a talk that Dave did for a group of chronic relapsers from a rehab in Atlanta. In this workshop, Dave went “old school” and he covered the alcoholic cycle, prayer and meditation, and the 4 absolutes, etc.. The audio isn’t the best but, the topics covered aren’t often heard in AA these days.

Transparency is a different kind of talk and discusses emotional sobriety as well.

FOTS – Fellowship of the Spirit is an old workshop about how we work through the steps. It is now a classic that he did with Mark Houston. Together, Mark and Dave also went on to do another talk up at the Wilson House the following year [called The Next Step] for old timers who felt that their programs had gotten stale. Dave also wrote a series of exercises to hit the steps from a different angle in order to have a new experience and refresh one’s program.

Dave has given us permission to share these recordings “within the guidelines of the traditions.” This means that in a true spirit of altruism and generosity, they are available for free and may not be sold for profit.

I am so grateful to Dave for his kindness and service. I can’t wait to listen and read more about what Dave has to share!

With blessings for recovery and peace,






  1. Shira! This is so exciting. I’m looking forward to exploring these talks and materials with you and the group. Thank you for all you do to help grow my understanding and effectiveness in living life on a spiritual basis. What a gift!

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