2 Way Prayer: General Information

The nature of life is change and challenge. Since I first started this page, the world of two way prayer has been growing and continues to be very fluid. It is hard to keep up with all the changes. So, please come back often, as I am updating this page regularly.


Two-way prayer was practiced by the Oxford Group and the early pioneers of AA. Because it is not specifically mentioned the AA Big Book, the practice had become obscured. I first learned about Two Way Prayer from Wally P. from his Back to Basic workshops. Wally P. also wrote a book, How to Listen to God which describes his spiritual journey with 2 Way Prayer.

Father Bill W. is another proponent of 2 Way Prayer. He has a wonderful site that discusses how to practice 2 Way Prayer and written guidance. On his website, there are very helpful instructional videos on 2 way prayer as well. Here is a link to the various documents on the site, which are very and informative. If you would like to know more information about this subject, I highly recommend that you check out their websites!

Faithing Project: This is a link to a website that also seems to practice 2 way prayer from a Christian perspective. I have not yet listened to them, but, I am posting the link here because I think that is offers a more expansive practice on 2 Way Prayer.

Two-Way Prayer Group via Zoom

I am very excited to share that due to the efforts of Father Bill W., there is are at this moment of writing, ongoing Two Way Prayer Groups that takes place via Zoom at various hours throughout the day. I have also discovered that various fellowships (NA, OA, DA) also host 2 Way Prayer groups. Please search within each fellowship website to find one of their 2WP meetings.

I am currently giving service to one of the ongoing groups at 5:30 AM ET. The links for our WhatsApp group and telegram group are posted at the end of the 2 Way Prayer Format. (If I get a chance, I will repost them here.)

Silence mother teresa

Formats and resources for hosting a 2 Way Prayer Groups

There are various formats available on line for 2 Way Prayer Groups. I recommend looking for Father Bill’s Two Way Prayer site. He has so much information available, including very helpful videos!

For the sake of simplicity, here is the link for the 2 Way Prayer Format that we are currently using in our 2 Way Prayer Group. There is also a new page on the blog for all the documents that we use for our 2 Way Prayer Groups, including the music.

Additional Resources on 2 Way Prayer

The articles below are reprinted here with permission by Father Bill W. from Two Way Prayer. On his site, there is even a more extensive collection of the historical literature used by the early pioneers of AA and the Oxford Group.


Beginning the 11th Step Practice of Quiet Time


This is the original pamphlet used by the Oxford Group and the early pioneers of AA:


This is an updated version with more modern language on how to listen to God and the 11 Step Practice of Quiet Time.


This is a document that combines 2 Way Prayer with the 10th and 11th Steps in the AA Big Book.


This is also an earlier, more historical version of the How to Listen to God pamphlet

This is another version of the above document on how to begin 2 Way Prayer.

MP3’s on Two Way Prayer

12/18/2020: I found another site of Father Bill W.’s recent workshops on Two Way Prayer. He is very devoted to carrying the message for this spiritual practice to others in recovery.

In addition, there was a 2 Way Prayer Workshop done by the Bronx Big Book on Sound Cloud. The links are posted below:

Pat T 2 Way Prayer Workshop (Part 1/2) by Bronx Big Book on #SoundCloud

Pat T 2-Way Prayer Workshop Part 2/2 by Bronx Big Book on #SoundCloud

Here is the link to the meeting that we had on 2 Way Prayer on 11/18/2018.

There is a real revival of 2 Way Prayer going on now in program. I hope that everyone will check out the resources above and explore this life-changing practice.

In love and service,


Please note: *If any of the original sources of the documents above believe that this is in violation of copyright, please contact me directly through the blog or by email at: emotionalsobriety2013@gmail.com

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog !I’m finding so much great information! My question is when I want to practice 11th step quiet time or listening to G-D do you know if it’s ok to turn on peaceful music?I find it calms me down but does that defeat the purpose? Is it then the music I’m drifting into and not G-D?

    • That is such a great question! Wow! I would say that it is fine to listen to music. Traditionally, meditation is done in silence. But, many people like to listen to music, because it is easier to focus on. I also think it helps me to not fall asleep when I meditate close to bed time.

      Focus on being in the moment. G-d will reveal Himself to you in His time.

      It is all good!

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