Daily Program Actions

program of recovery tools

Many people have asked me “how to you work your program?” And, “what does it mean to take the Steps every day?”

The above picture is what my first sponsor told me that I need to do everyday to work my program. I have been following it ever since I first joined program.

To find a food plan, please go to the page on the blog on food plans.

For me, working the tools everyday has been extremely helpful to help me organize my day and create structure and boundaries in my life.

I believe that no one needs to wait until taking Steps 10 and 11 to start a practice of daily prayer, meditation or to start doing a daily inventory.

ES&F 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions

If you are new to program, please listen to any of the 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions or 12 Steps in 4 Hours Workshop. That will hopefully give a good introduction on how to take the steps.

Below are the various documents that I have written that I find very helpful. I find that I need to do a variety of daily inventories or worksheets so that I don’t get bored or complacent. See which one resonates with you, or even better, create your own!

P.A.U.S.E.Here is a new one page daily Step 10 Inventory:

Daily Inventory and Prayers

Daily Inventory and Prayers

My latest daily quiet time inspired by RA

Daily Prayer & Meditation Practice 1 page 8-7-2020

This is really a Step 4 Worksheet, but, I find it helpful when listening to a 10th Step:

Step 4 Worksheet5-24-2016

Step 4 Worksheet5-24-2016

My latest version of the daily writing worksheet:

Daily Writing worksheet 11-10-2015 border

Daily Writing worksheet 11-10-2015 final

A larger document on various Step 4 inventory methods:


It is posted elsewhere on the blog, but, offers more details than the documents above, in case you might have any other questions.

These are other worksheets that I have also found helpful!


Aeiou daily writing sheet

Daily Actions To Improve One 11-3-13

Daily Actions To Improve One 11-3-13

Daily writing worksheet 2-13-13

Daily writing worksheet 3 6 12

5 G's pictureThe worksheets below are from my sponsor.  They are an excellent way to structure sponsoring and working a program of recovery.  They are posted as a word document and pdf.

There is a G-d daily writing worksheet

There is a G-d daily writing worksheet

THERE IS A GOD!daily worksheets sent to sponsees first time

THERE IS A GOD!daily worksheets sent to sponsees first time

Below are other worksheets that I have come across that are also helpful.

Daily Pages front page

Lesson 20 Daily


Recommit 2Steps 1-3 30qs

Daily Pages front page

This is a document of how to work the daily tools. The picture of it is below.

Other worksheets that I have found online:


This could be used as a daily writing exercise based on the 24 hours a day book:

24 hours a day qs nkc

This step worksheets from OA HOW


I hope that this will help to clarify how to live and work this program on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.

In love & service,


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