12 Steps in 4 Hours

Below are documents that are also available elsewhere on the concept of the Back to Basics and taking someone quickly through the steps.


Below are summaries for doing the 12 steps in 4 hours developed for our group:

Step 1-12 table 3page12-13-2014

Step 1-12 table 3page12-13-2014

How to do the 4th step the Back to Basics way:

B2B ES&F S4 instructions12-13-2014

B2B ES&F S4 instructions12-13-2014

My most recent inventory format:

steps-4-9-esf-compact-sheet2 page

steps-4-9-esf-compact-sheet2 page

Another summary of the 4th step Back to Basics, with information from AA The Original Way (AATOW), which is a wonderful site and a wealth of information on the early history of program and true recovery.

Inventory 12-17-2014

Inventory 12-17-2014

As with anything, take what you want and leave the rest behind.

These are copies of posts that have already been posted on the blog on how to do the 4th and 5th Steps using the assets and liabilities format.

How to do Step 4 and Step 5 using the Assets and Liabilities and the 4

Another Step 4 to look at root causes and

Taking Inventory

Here is another explanation of the step 4 inventory done the B2B way from Rum Radio:

Step Four Rum Radio

In the Back to Basics and early AA way of practicing the program, prayer and mediation were considered critical for recovery. Below are the main documents that explain the early AA method of 2 way prayer and meditation.

How to Begin Practicing Quiet Time


Here is an outline of how to do the 12 steps in 4 hours.  Both are excellent!




AA OW has a wonderful explanation of the moral inventory which I think is also very helpful. It is a word document.

Origins of Moral Inventory

Here is the document in a pdf file:

Origins of Moral Inventory

Leadership Formats that are currently available and that the group is based on:



Here are other Assets and Liabilities Step 4 inventories or explanations:

Please see above another step 4 inventory with assets and liabilities.  Below is some of what I have put together to help clarify this method:

How to do Step 4 and Step 5 using the Assets and Liabilities

How I did my 4th and 5th Step the B2B way

Here is a highlighted document of the key sections of the AA BB


Here is a highlighted document of the key sections from the AA BB for how the AA founders went through the 12 steps


Below are group formats for step 10 and step 11 AM and PM review

Format for Eleventh Step Guidance Meeting





Here are some new things to hopefully assist with this work:

12 Steps in 4 Hours


Alternative Inventory Using the Four Absolutes

These articles are interesting historical documents about working a strong program and sponsoring based on the early days of AA.

Gresham Back to Basics Recovery Model

How FAST should the newcomer be taken through the Twelve Steps

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