Step 8 & Tradition 8 Worksheets


This is the Emotional Sobriety and Food Step 8 and 9 Written Inventory:

Steps 8 & 9 Worksheet ES&F 8-26-14

Steps 8 & 9 Worksheet ES&F 8-26-14

This is another worksheet that I wrote on Steps 8 & 9

ES&F Steps 8 & 9 Workshop Notes 8-25-2019

These worksheets are excellent, concise and concrete directions for why, and how to make an amends. They are posted here with the permission of Jeremy B.




This worksheet is part of an incredible set of worksheets that I found online from a group in Sunset Hills, California. Unfortunately, they are sadly no longer posted on that site or available anywhere else online, as far as I know.


This worksheet is posted with permission by Lawrie C. who has a wonderful site,  Lawrie C. is a member of OA who has a wonderful book and website on going through the steps. Many of his forms and his workbook are posted throughout the blog.


This is another 1 page Step 8 Harms & Willingness To Make Amends Inventory:

8th Step Guide-1

This is a Tradition 8 Worksheet is posted with permission by one of my favorite sites,  It is in a word document, for those who like to type their answers, as well as in a PDF.



This is from a wonderful site, 12 12 and 12


This is the chapter on Tradition 8 from the AA 12 & 12:

tradition 8 aa12&12

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