12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions 02/2019

12sin1hour pict

This meeting is on the phone, beginning Tuesday February 5, 2019

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST

Each Meeting Is Limited To 1 Hour, 1 Time A Week.

Number Of Sessions: To Be Determined. Normally, This Workshop Takes Up To 6 Hours.

Telephone Conference Number: 712-775-7031

Access Code: 140-565-208

Playback recording number is: 712-775-7029

Access Code: 140-565-208

This workshop is presented as a WEBINAR, with phone and screen sharing capability.

Workshop documents:

The handout: Big Book 12 Step Guide  by SoberFolk.org.

During this workshop, we will learn how to practice 2 Way Prayer and Meditation.

This is the original pamphlet used by the AA Pioneers.

Here is a more modern and detailed explanation.

Other documents may be added as needed, depending on the interests of the group.

Here is a template for taking Steps 4 & 5

Playback Recording Links

2/5/2019 #13: (Link to phone line)  12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Intro & Step 1  (link to Mediafire)

2/12/2019 #14: (Link to phone line) 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Tools & Steps 2 & 3  (link to Media fire)

This is for reference purposes only:

Audio links for Steps 4 and 5 (Back to Basics) from previous workshops we’ve done. Take a listen to get a flavor.

This is from August 2014 Steps 4 & 5 audio

This one is from January 2015

2/26/2019 #16 (Link to phone line) 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Review of Steps 4 & 5 (link to Media Fire)

This week we reviewed and practiced taking Step 5.

3/5/2019 # 17 (Link to phone line) 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Steps 6-9 & 4 Absolutes (link to Media Fire)

This week, we took Steps 6-9 and introduced the 4 Absolutes, principles borrowed from the Oxford Group and used by the founders of the AA program.

Here is a PDF of the pictures about the basics of program.

Here is a link about the 4 Absolutes posted elsewhere on the blog.

3/12/2019 #18 (Link to phone line) 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Steps 10-12 & 2WP (link to Media Fire)

Below is a picture I made of how to practice written or Western Meditation:

Western Med 2WP PNG corrected