Emotional Sobriety 12 Steps in 4 Hours

Beginning next Monday March 10, 2014 at 8:00 PM EST, I am excited to offer a 12 Step Back to Basics Workshop via the telephone.
The telephone conference number is:
PIN: 549628#

Playback recording number is: 209-255-1099

PIN: 549628#

If you are calling outside of the USA:
England: 44-0-330-606-0510; playback recording number: 44-0-330-606-0519
Switzerland: 41-044-595-3080; playback recording number: 41-0-44595-9089
Israel: 972-0-76-599-0060; playback recording number: 972-0-76-599-0069
Canada: 1-661-673-8605; playback recording number: 1-559-670-1099

If you are calling from another country and would like the number please let me know.

This workshop is open to all members of the 12 Step Community, but is being done in terms of food. All participants are invited to mentally substitute their own addictive or compulsive behaviors if it is not food.
The meeting format is based on the Big Book and the historical research of Wally P.
It re-enacts the four 1-hour beginners meetings that were so effective in the 1940s.
We will not just talk about the 12 Steps; we will do them together, just as the AA pioneers did back in the early days.
Together we will do the 12 steps in 4-5 1 hour sessions and deepen our recovery, serenity and peace.

Register to Reserve Your Seat:
Send an email to: emotionalsobriety2013@gmail.com stating that you are committing to attend the entire workshop. (All 12 steps are important.)
You are welcome to share this invitation with your 12 Step friends.
You will need to register in order to receive a link that will enable you to download and print the workshop handouts. Please print the handouts prior to the workshop.
Since we actually do all 12 Steps, everyone will need a sponsor or sharing partner to do Step 5 and help with Steps 8 and 9. Ideally, your usual sponsor or sharing partner will also be attending the workshop.
If you need a sponsor or sharing partner for the workshop, you will have the opportunity to be assigned a sharing partner of the same gender during the first and/or second session.
Bring honesty and courage.
Bring paper and pencil.
Bring the workshop handouts.
You may wish to have your Big Book with you, although it is not required.
Look forward to participating with you in this Recovery Workshop.

With blessings for peace and recovery,


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