Playback Recording Information for Session 3 of B2B

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry, but, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the meeting this week was only partially recorded. I am including the blog posting and playback recording information from the B2B session done with the Emotional Sobriety OA group:

The playback recording number is:

Conference Play Back Playback Number: (712) 432-1202 Access Code: 1001209#

Playback recording number: 19

During this session we continued the AA Back to Basics and completed Steps 6-10. We also introduced the practice of written meditation and quiet time. Two way prayer is an unique spiritual practice of the early AA members, designed to “overcome the bondage of addiction by establishing and maintaining a conscience contact with the One who has all power.”

Thank you to all who were willing to experience together how to practice two-way prayer even though it extended the meeting.

The homework is to read the handouts on How to Listen to God, How to Practice 2 way prayer and How to practice Quiet Time.

I have collected quite a few variations, which I thought everyone might be interested in.

The links are below:


How do I begin Pamphlet

A. A.’s Pioneer Program & the Practice of Quiet Time

How to Begin Practicing Quiet Time

I have posted them under Step 11 Worksheets. Others are posted under 12 steps in 4 hours tab.

Under the 12 Steps in 4 Hours, I have also posted a format for 20 minutes 11 Step Guidance Meeting, for people to use if doing Quiet Time with another person or a group.


For homework, we are going to practice and share what we receive in guidance with each other during the week. It requires daily practice in order to have an experience of “conscience contact with the God of our understanding.”

For anyone who would like to explore this method further, I recommend the book:

How to Listen to God: Overcoming Addiction Through Practice of Two-Way Prayer by Wally Paton.

It can be ordered directly from Wally P. or from

Tel: 520-297-7230

Fax: 520-297-7230



This Monday is our final Back to Basics Meeting.

Looking forward to “seeing” you Monday!

With blessings for peace and recovery,


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