How to write the 12 steps on a problem

Here is something that I came across that I thought might be helpful to work through a problem using the 12 steps. Please share your experience with this exercise.

How to write the 12 steps on a problem

1. Powerless over_________ and my Life is unmanageable.
How? _________

2. Came to believe that God can restore me to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn___________ over to Him.

4. Inventory (What is my part in this?) List two fears. List two resentments.

5. Admit to God my part in this is ______________ (character defects, fear, selfishness, resentment)

6. I am entirely ready to have God remove _______ (character defect)

7. Ask God to remove ____________ (character defects listed above).

8. Make a list of those I have harmed because of this problem. Person: how harmed? Include yourself.

9. How can I make amends to each person on this list including myself? (Make the amends)

10. Continue to take inventory.

11. Keep in conscious contact with God.

12. What spiritual awakening have I had (new insight) as a result of working these steps on this specific problem?
–courtesy of Judy R.

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