Recovered versus Recovering from Lawrie C.’s book

I am including in the blog the sections from Lawrie C.’s book OABigBookStudy2014.pdf that we discussed in the meeting this week.

1. I am a RECOVERED compulsive eater, not a recovering one.

ANNOTATION: In relation to a person who has worked the Twelve Steps and is free from the bondage of addiction, the Big Book consistently uses the word “recovered” and not “recovering”.

The word “recovering” is used only once, and then only to describe someone who is still working through the Steps and is not yet free from the bondage of addiction.

The Big Book uses “recovered” because that word shows a complete change in one’s attitude. It is the advertisement to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

I no longer have the illness I used to have. True, it’s a bite away. True, it’s a “daily reprieve contingent” on my spirituality.

But right now, for the moment, I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless condition of mind and body.

The compulsive eater who still suffers deserves no less from me.

I am not full of pride. I am humbled by the clear knowledge that I was unable to accomplish this on my own; I had to surrender completely and admit that I was powerless; and only then could I begin to find the power that has caused my recovery.

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  1. I have been struggling with a cluster of related issues for quite a while. I wrote about it in a letter to my higher power (G-d) while I was sitting in a waiting room. Not too long after that the answer(s) came, my entire body relaxed; I had a full night’s sleep, the first one in almost two months. I am calm and feel resolved, at peace with the answer(s) and my subsequent decision(s). Things are still sad, but I am peaceful.

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