Links to resources for our meeting

Hi Everyone!

To help focus our reading on the 4th step, below are the links for the Step 4 Inventory worksheets:

Step 4 Inventory-1-19-2014

Step 4 Inventory-1-19-2014


I wanted to let everyone know that John H., who wrote the book: The Spiritual Solution — Simple and Effective Recovery Through taking and the teaching of the 12 Steps will be giving a one day workshop on June 8, 2014 that some of us have already registered to attend.

If anyone else is interested in joining us, please sign up.

The book reflects many of the themes that we have been discussing in our group. It expresses the essence of the 12 steps very eloquently and beautifully. The book is a tremendous service for the 12 step community.

The link to his website is:

Below, are links to obtain a copy of the Little Red Book:

The author of the book also wrote the Stools and Bottles and the black 24 Hours a Day books.

Both books are available at Hazelden and as well:
The Table Mate contains the most successful set of beginners lessons ever devised in early AA, and was used all over the United States. It is still being used today in Detroit and in northern Indiana.

I recommend that everyone buy a copy of the booklet, under the title “A guide to the Twelve Steps” which can be ordered from:

Alcoholics Anonymous of Greater Detroit 380 Hilton Road Ferndale, Michigan 48220 (248) 541-6565

Here is the direct link to order a copy of Table Mate:

There is another blog that also uses the Table Mate, and the link is below:

With blessings for peace and recovery,

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