20 Ideas For Choosing Courage

20 Ideas For Choosing Courage: The spiritual principle of Step 4

1. It’s great to have courage, and courage makes you great. Courage is a decision to transcend your fears. When you speak and act in a situation that is challenging for you, that is courage. Decide to transcend fears that needlessly limit you.

2. Courage is in your mind. Courage comes from the thoughts you think in your mind. You choose your thoughts. Choose courage now.

3. Courage does not mean that you do not have fears. It means that you are willing to speak and act even with fearful feelings. At times you might melt those fears. Even if not, say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

4. Ask your loving Father, and powerful King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe to give you inner strength and courage. Receive it when He gives it to you.

5. Every word and act of courage is stored in your brain. Your brain is always with you. So you can always access courage.

6. If you have said or done something that took courage, you have been courageous already. Identify yourself as a person who has courage.

7. This moment is the only moment that exists. To speak and act courageously, you only need to speak and act courageously this moment in the present.

8. Be aware of any inner self-talk that prevents your courage. Mentally upgrade the recording you play in your mind. Listen to courageous self- talk. Reread this list frequently. It becomes your self-talk.

9. When you need a boost of courage, say to yourself with enthusiasm and intensity I have tremendous and intense courage right now. Repeat this with more and more intensity until you actually experience it.

10. Fear and lack of courage is created with your imagination. Therefore your imagination can create great courage. Imagine having all the courage you would wish for.

11. Learn from every person who speaks and acts with courage. On the screen of your mind see yourself talking and acting with that same courage. Repeat until internalized.

12. Remember your most courageous moments. Take that courageous energy and double it. Now double it again. Double it again. Keep on doubling this until you feel yourself radiating courage.

13. If you find it difficult to say something to someone, ask yourself, Do I have a right to say this? If yes, just say it!

14. Have the courage to bounce back from mistakes and adversity.

15. Have the courage to do what is right even if others make fun of you. The more difficult it is, the greater you are.

16. Have the courage to tell people respectfully to refrain from speaking negatively against others. Feel joy for doing so.

17. Visualize a tremendous crowd cheering for your courage. Hear the cheers. See them waving for their hero: You.

18. Drink an imaginary drink that gives you magnificent courage.

19. Do not take needless foolish risks. Differentiate between intelligent and wise risks and those that are stupid.

20. Each and every day do something courageous.

© Rabbi Zelig Pliskin [based on “Courage” by Rabbi Z. Pliskin]

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