Step 5 Written Inventory as posted on blog

Step 5 Written Inventory:

The written step 5 inventory is very similar to the Assets and Liabilities Step 4 Inventory of the B2B:

As you see below, admitting the exact nature of our wrongs means: we list and identify our character defects and the people we affected. We ask ourselves: “how have my character defects manifested and controlled my actions and/or reactions in life?”

This is precisely what we did in the B2B for steps 4 & 5. A careful reading of step 5 in the AA BB mirrors exactly how we did steps 4 & 5 in the B2B. It does not reflect a step 4 inventory using the 5 columns that appears on page 65 in the AA BB.

Admitting the exact nature of my wrongs:
Going over the list, we ask ourselves:

Am I identifying the exact nature of my wrongs, that is, what is behind my alcoholism and the reasons I acted out in the ways I did?

Have we honestly admitted our defects to ourselves and how they manifested in our lives and created the unmanageability?

Am I listing all those behaviors and parts of myself that I had vowed would never see the light of day? (73: 2)

Are we now willing to share them with another and with God?

Are we willing to go to any length to get rid of these same defects that caused our life to be unmanageable?

What character defects were revealed to you through your inventory?

Are you willing to have them removed?

As you share your inventory, there should be 3 lists, written by either the sponsor or the sponsee :

1. The first will be a list of your defects of character. If you like, use the list on the next page by checking off the character defects that apply to you. This list will guide steps 6 and 7.
2. You should also have a preliminary list of persons you have harmed for step 8 (This will be a combination of the sexual injury [4d] and persons you have harmed lists [4e] from step 4.). Amends/Restitution
3. Retrieve a list of the names of the persons you still resent. You will probably find it necessary to forgive them in order for the resentment to be removed.

My Moral Inventory Checklist

Self-will (Column 4) (NO POWER)                   God’s will (Column 5) Steps 8 & 9(POWER!)
My liabilities, blocks, character defects…               The assets I need to strive for…
False Pride Arrogance Self-loathing                                        Humility
Jealousy, Distrust, Suspicion                                                     Trust
Envy                                                                                          Contentment
Selfishness                                                                              Unselfishness
Self-seeking                                                                           Helpful to others
Dishonesty Stealing Lying                                          Honesty, Integrity, Restitution
Intolerance, Inconsideration                                      Tolerance, Acceptance, Tact
Greed                                                                                         Generosity
Fear of…                                                                                        Love
Lust, Infidelity                                                          Intimacy, Chaste, Faithfulness
Irresponsible, Blaming Others                                  Responsible, Accountable
Hate, Anger, Resentment                                                      Forgiveness
Sloth, Laziness, Procrastination                               Activity, Zeal, Promptness
Impatience                                                                                Patience

With respect to all harms:

1. List of people I have harmed that I compiled in Step 4.
2. I list what I did.
3. I list and discuss with my sponsor what an amends might look like.
I do not yet concern myself with whether or not I should, or will be able to, actually make the amends.)

All persons harmed. What I did. What amends might be.

Based on the information above:

We list our resentments: We forgive in order to remove resentment.
We list our defects: strive to turn them into assets.
Share our fears: strive to become faithful: how would God have me be?
Harms: Amends

Exactly like the B2B!

References: Please forgive any errors!
The AA The Original Way – 4th Step Inventory,

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