The symptom and the cause

This is a wonderful post on the nature of our core character defects: selfishness and self-centeredness — the root of our problem. The solution: conscious contact with God, and surrendering our will to do His Will.

After 9 Thoughts

Here’s the way most of us think about Program:

For some reason or another, we became addicts. As addicts, we found that we were powerless over our addiction. As the AA Big Book puts it, “we were [addicts], and could not manage our own lives …. [P]robably no human power could  have relieved our [addiction].” In order to recover from our addiction, we had to surrender completely and look to some Power greater than ourselves to help us.

Those of us who stick around for some time discover that this works, and works well. We dutifully work through the first nine Steps, and we find that our core addiction has been taken care of. Now we are free to live our lives pretty much on our own terms, with perhaps a little help every so often from that Higher Power that enabled us to recover from our core addiction.


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