Step 7 from The Table Mate

STEP NO. 7 — “Humbly asked Him to remove our short-comings”

The meaning of this step is clear . Prayer — Humility.

1. Prayer — No man can tell another HOW to pray. Each one has, or works out for himself, his own method. If we cannot pray, we just talk to God and tell Him our troubles.
Meditate — think clearly and cleanly — and ask God to direct our thoughts.
Christ said “ask and ye shall receive.” What method is simpler? — merely “ask”.
If you cannot pray ask God to teach you to pray.

2. Humility — This, simply, is the virtue of being ourselves and realizing how small we are in a big world full of its own trouble.
Drop all pretense. We must not be Mr. Big Shot — bragging, boasting. Shed the false pride. Tell the simple, plain, unvarnished truth. Act, walk and talk simply. See the little bit of good that exists in an evil man. Forget the little bit of evil that exists in the good man. We must not look down on the lowest of GOD”S creatures or man’s mistakes. Think clearly, honestly, fairly, generously.

3. The shortcomings we ask God to remove are the very defects in character that make us drink. The same defects we drink to hide or to get away from.

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