Step 6 Exercise

STEP 6 EXERCISE by Lesly B. from Canada

Start with this prayer – God, help me see the truth about my defects and be willing to have them removed, in Your time.

Please do this exercise for each defect (see the list on the other side of this card), choosing one at a time, shining the Light of Truth on it by running it through these questions:

1. Write out HOW you “practice” your defect (noticing what you do, what you think, what you say, and how you act).

2. PAYOFF – What do you hope or expect to get out of doing this, or in using this character defect? What benefits do you think you’ll get?

3. CONSEQUENCES – How does practicing this defect actually affect your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, and your relationship with God?

4. How are you like the person(s) you use this defect on? Or, how do you also do what they do? (Isn’t it interesting that we often see in others what we don’t like about ourselves?!)

5. What would your life be like (with yourself, with others, and with God) if you did not use this defect?

6. Can you consider another way besides your own?

7. Are you willing to surrender your illusion of control that you think you get from “using” this defect?

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