F.E.E.L. = Feel, Experience, Express, Let go

 F. E. E. L.  =  Feel, Experience, Express, Let go

A negative thought or feeling is a symptom of my separation from God and a manifestation of self-will.  It is based on the delusion of my ego: that I am controlling the world and not God. It is based on the false belief that my thoughts, feelings, goals and desires are separate from God’s will for me.  If I do not accomplish my goals, desires or feel the way that I want to feel,  then something is wrong with me, the other person or the world.  These expectations separate me from God and rob me of serenity and inner peace.  They distance me from the Source of Everything and create an artificial separation between me and God.  Ultimately, they create a separation between me and God and lead to misery and depression.

So, what can I do to use my discomfort to grow closer to God rather than separate from Him?

I have the choice about how I can respond to the situation.

I can say to myself: “I have a choice here to see this differently. I have a choice to align my will with God’s will and open myself up to the possibility that God can take care of all my problems better than I can and that nothing is beyond His Power.”

I can ask myself: “Is this coming from a place of fear, ego, false pride, or any of my character defects?”

Then, I can turn this around: “God, what do you want from me?  How would you like me to be?  I am turning this feeling or problem over to You.  This too is from You for my Highest Good. Please, help me trust You to take care of all my problems today.  Let me please use this obstacle as a way to grow closer to you.  Please, align my will with yours so that I should do Your will always.”


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This is from transitionsdaily.org and ivracha.com

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