I Pray….

Prayer and meditation are essential for our recovery. I love this post! It is a beautiful blending and practical application of the 12 steps and prayer.


In the Program of  Alcoholics Anonymous I have re-learned how to pray, I have reclaimed the God of my understanding with the help of A.A., and I have come to an understanding of the vital necessity of both prayer and mediation.  Conscious contact with God can be as simple as reading one of the many slogans or prayers that are posted on the walls of my home.  The Serenity Prayer seems to be in every room, and every time I pick up the Big Book looking for an answer to a question, I find more prayers.  I have a copy of what is titled 12-Step Prayers, it does not indicate the source of these prayers, but they are valid prayers, nonetheless.  I will include them here for your edification and enlightenment:

Step One – Today, I will ask for help with my addiction.  Denial has kept me from seeing how…

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