Evening Review by Carol G. via Suzanne

This is something that I recently received from Suzanne, by Carol G.


Evening Review

Was I tolerant, patient, cheerful, show pity?

Did I ask G*d to save me from being angry?

Did I ask G*d how I can be helpful?
Did I say Thy will be done?
Did I avoid retaliation or argument?
Did I destroy my chance of being useful?
Did I ask G*d to show me how to take a kindly and tolerant view?
Did I put entirely out of my mind the wrong of others?
Did I resolutely look for my own mistakes?
Have I honestly admitted MY OWN wrongs?
Am I entirely ready to set these matters straight?
Do I now see how fear has brought me misfortune?
Do I see how “I” set the ball in motion?
Do I now see how self-reliance (fear) has failed me?
Do I see how in this area I need a complete overhaul?
Where had I been jealous, suspicious &/or bitter?
What is my sane and sound ideal in this area?
Was this relation based on my selfishness or not?
Have I ask G*d to remove my despair and loathing?
Do I avoid hysterical thinking or advice?
Am I sorry for the things I have done?
Do I have an honest desire to let G*d take me to better things?
Is this a fact of my experience?
Did I pray for G*d to give me the right ideal, guidance and strength to do the right thing?
Have I began to comprehend the futility and fatality of my resentments?
Have I analyzed and seen the terrible destructiveness of “MY” resentments?
Have I begun to learn tolerance, patience and goodwill toward all even my enemies?
Have I listed EVERY person my conduct has hurt?
Am I now willing to straighten this out if I can?
Do I believe faith can do for me what I can’t do for myself?
Am I convinced that G*d can remove whatever my self-will is that has blocked me off from Him?
Have I swallowed and digested big chunks of truth about my “self”?
Am I getting a new attitude?
Do I have a new relationship with my creator?
Have I discovered the obstacles in my path?
Do I know what the trouble is?
Have I put my finger on the weak items of my personal inventory?
Are these about to be cast out?
Am I ready to take action that, when completed, admitted the EXACT nature of my defects?
Am I ready to take my 5th step?
Was solitary self-appraisal insufficient?
Are you ready to go further?
Have I hung on to ANYTHING?
Have I lost my egotism and fear?
Have I humbled myself?
Have I learned enough of humility, fearlessness and honesty to tell someone else all my story?
Did I lead a double life?
Did I have a stage character?
Did I enjoy a certain reputation that in my heart I know I don’t deserve?
Does this inconsistency make things worse?
Am I under constant fear and tension?
Am I willing to be entirely honest with a sympathetic somebody so I can live a long, happy life?
Have I thought well about whom to hear this vital step?
Was I hard on my self but considerate of others?
Will this person hold things in confidence?
Do they understand what we are driving at?
Am I using this as an excuse to postpone my 5th step?
Do I realize this step is a life or death errand?
Have I pocketed my pride and got right to it?
Have I illuminated every dark cranny of my past – withholding nothing?
Can I now look the world in the eye?
Do I now feel that I can be alone and at perfect peace and ease?
Have my fears fell from me?
Am I now beginning to feel the nearness of my creator?
Have my spiritual beliefs become my own spiritual experience?
Do I feel as if the drink problem has disappeared?
Do I feel as if I am walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe?
Am I now on a Broad Highway?

With blessings for peace and recovery,



Evening review from Carol G. and Suzanne.docx

Evening review from Carol G. and Suzanne.pdf

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