The Law of Motive

The Law of Motive

Happiness is not so much a matter of WHAT you think, or WHAT you say, or WHAT you do; it’s not even in WHAT happens to YOU.

But rather, it’s HOW you think what you think, HOW you say what you say, HOW you do what you do, HOW you experience what you experience.

In plain language, that means that whatever you think, say, do, or experience, if you do so out of AWARENESS, out of KINDNESS, out of COMPASSION, out of HONESTY, out of INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING, out of GENEROSITY, the result, both immediately and down the road, will be one of joy, happiness, peace, freedom, and beauty, not only for you, but often those around you.

If, on the other hand, you think, speak, act, or experience out of self-centered motives such as greed, anger, control, competitiveness, dishonesty, denial, ignorance, or the intention to cause harm, the result, both immediately and down the road, will be one of confusion, suffering and ugliness.

So, again, the art of being happy, joyous, free, and at peace is not in the WHAT, it is in the HOW.

Scott Morrison

 This is something that I came across which I thought blended nicely with emotional sobriety and living in Steps 10, 11 and 12.


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