Step 12 and the AA Big Book

Hi Everyone!

Below are links to highlighted AA Big Book sections for Step 12.

I thought that this could be a good way to focus on the highlights for Step 12.

12th_Wk_3_Founders_Stepwork12.1 1



In addition, I thought it could be helpful to look at Step 12 in the AA BB below:

The Big Workbook

After that, I thought we could read and discuss pages 102 – 164 in the AA Big Book, focusing on the spiritual principles of Step 12.

Here is a document for how to guide our focus:

BB Step 12 COE

After we complete Step 12, we will do Tradition 12.

The end of our workshop is in sight!

We will be amazed before we are halfway though.


With blessings for recovery and peace,



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