Summary of our meeting today

phonto-7Dear Emotional Sobriety Workshop Members:

Thank you for everyone’s participation and sharing this Sunday.

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This week we continued our work on Step 12. We read and completed the first part of the Step 12 in The Little Red Book on a spiritual awakening.

We also read “Our Southern Friend” which was referenced in the Little Red Book and only published in the original manuscript of the AA Big Book.

Below is the quote [edited slightly] which powerfully highlights the recovery process embedded in the 12 Steps and the experience, strength and hope of the first 100 who recovered from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body:

I am to learn later that [temptation to drink] began with the desire for my own material success be[ing] greater than the interest in the welfare of my fellow man. I learn more of that [the] foundation stone of character … is honesty. I learn that when we act upon the highest conception of honesty which is given us, our sense of honesty becomes more acute.

I learn that honesty is truth, and the truth shall make us free! Sensuality, drunkenness, and worldliness satisfy a man for a time, but their power is a decreasing one. God produces harmony in those who receive His Spirit and follow Its dictates.

Today as I become more harmonized within, I become more in tune with all of God’s wonderful creation. The singing of the birds, the sighing of the wind, the patter of raindrops, the roll of thunder, the laughter of happy children, add to the symphony with which I am in tune. The heaving ocean, the driving rain, autumn leaves, the stars of heaven, the perfume of flowers, music, a smile, and a host of other things tell me of the glory of God.

There are periods of darkness, but the stars are shining, no matter how black the night. There are disturbances, but I have learned that if I seek patience and open-mindedness, understanding will come. And with it, direction by the Spirit of God. The dawn comes and with it more understanding, the peace that passes understanding and the joy of living that is not disturbed by the wildness of circumstances or people around me. Fears, resentments, pride, worldly desires, worry, and self-pity no longer possess me. Ever-increasing are the number of true friends, ever-growing is the capacity for love, ever-widening is the horizon of understanding. And above all else comes a greater thankfulness to, and a greater love for Our Father in heaven.

Upon research, I discovered that the author of the story was John Henry Fitzhugh “Fitz” Mayo. He was New York’s AA number 3, and passed away in 1943, 8 years after he stopped drinking.

That simple paragraph is an exemplary example of the spiritual gifts of the program.

Next week, I would like us to read the sections out of the AA Big Book on a spiritual awakening.

The last 3 steps are the heart and soul of emotional sobriety: living in the solution, seeking conscious contact with the God of our understanding and carrying the message to those who still suffer.

Please feel free to read the handouts to share your thoughts with the group.

Looking forward to “seeing” you all next week!


With blessings for peace and recovery,



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