We can’t keep it unless we give it away

I wanted to share an adorable story about my daughter, Raizel that I think demonstrates the power of practicing these principles in all our affairs and carrying the message.

This past week, it was my birthday. In our tradition, birthdays are a special day and an auspicious time to give blessings to other people.

For whatever reasons, this year I was not feeling a well-spring of good wishes overflowing from within to share with others on my special day.

My daughter, Raizel, took it upon herself to give out blessings in my stead.

So, after the Sabbath, my daughter took my cell phone and recorded herself giving Yaffa, my other daughter, and me BEAUTIFUL blessings.

Really, it was very adorable and quite charming.

With great excitement, Raizel proudly shared with my husband what she had just done.

My husband said to her, “every time you give a blessing, it comes back to you.”

“Oh” she said. “In that case, I need to give out more blessings to everyone!”

I laughed and I quietly smiled to myself. It reminded me of what we say in program: we can’t keep it unless we give it away.

Our words are very powerful. The act of giving and blessing others grows us spiritually and strengthens our connection to God and others.

May everyone be blessed with peace, love, strength, clarity, wisdom, and kindness.

May we be blessed with all that we need and privileged to see the revealed good in that that we experience with happiness and love.


  1. Happy Birthday Shira,
    May all that you do for others in recovery be a source of continued blessings in your life.

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