While it’s a simple concept, it has some pretty profound impact

Our thoughts are very powerful!

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While it’s a simple concept, it has some pretty profound impact

  • Your thoughts create your feelings.  How you think about and interpret what happens to you influences your feelings.
  • You get what you focus on. If you focus on the negative side of a situation, your mood will reflect it.
  • How you interpret what happens in your life is important. The meaning you assign to events and experiences shapes your thoughts and your mood. There’s something to be said for rose colored glasses.

It’s another reminder that it’s not what’s on your plate, but how you eat it.

World, Thoughts and Mood
Events happen.  You interpret and make meaning of the events.  This creates your mood.  Burns explains the relationship between the world, your thoughts and your mood:

  1. World – a series of positive, neutral and negative events.
  2. Thoughts – you interpret the events with a series…

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