Abstinence and a Plan of Eating

This is a beautiful explanation of what abstinence is. I highly recommend it! Enjoy.

OA Sea to Sky Intergroup

Workshop Summary from the North Shore Marathon

In 2013, World Service Office (WSO) conducted a census survey of OA members.  Two of the findings from that survey indicated that, among the over 60,000 OA members, there was a lack of abstinence and a lack of working all 12 steps.  As a result, WSO developed a strategic plan with three goals.  The goals were to increase awareness of the importance of:

  • Abstinence (2014)
  • Working all 12 steps (2015)
  • Carrying the message (2016).

Resources were developed and can be found at oa.org.  One of those resources is a workshop titled “Difference between Abstinence and A Plan of Eating” which was presented at the North Shore Marathon on May 23.

At times it may seem that the meaning of abstinence varies among OA members, but WSO has defined abstinence as “refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining…

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