List of Character Defects for 12 Step Recovery Work

Given our discussion on how to do an inventory, I thought that others might find these definitions helpful. As usual, take what you want and leave the rest behind.

Realistic Recovery

List of Character Defects for 12 Step Recovery Work

Here’s a list I found of possible character defects to consider while doing stepwork. It’s by Lydia at her recovery blog:  Don’t Drink and Don’t Die

Lydia’s Character Defect List( visit her site for updated versions of this list)

  • anger, hatred
  • anxiety – Not as a clinical diagnosis, but as a general way of viewing things with an eye toward what is wrong, what might be wrong, what has been wrong or what is going to be wrong. Excessive worry, especially about things I cannot change.
  • arrogance – Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.
  • closed mindedness – Contempt prior to investigation. Disregarding things and ideas just because they are new and unknown. Being unwilling to try things or follow suggestions. Failing to remain teachable.  Having a mind firmly unreceptive to new ideas or arguments.
  • dependency, over dependency…

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