Getting Through the Holidays Abstinently

Hi Everyone!

This is a wonderful list about getting through the holidays abstinently. Since we are entering the holiday season, I thought it might be particularly helpful to repost this for our group.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In gratitude and service,



Getting Through the Holidays Abstinently

  1. Focus on the true meaning of the holiday or event rather than the food. From the perspective of food. treat the holiday like any other day.
  2. Skip any parties/eating occasions you’re nervous about. If there’s one you can’t skip, text someone before and after the event.
  3. Don’t project about holiday temptations; remember “one day at a time.”
  4. Line up extra OA activities (meetings, phone calls, service)
  5. Don’t set yourself up to feel bad because of unrealistic expectations of what the holiday will bring. Be ready to not be part of family dysfunction. Be ready to be alone if you must. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Get busy. Read, walk, write.
  6. Build up your recovery bank account before and during the holidays by attending lots of meetings (especially special holiday meetings) and working hard on your recovery. The disease doesn’t take holidays.
  7. Keep your…

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