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This Sunday – 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions Workshop Starting Again

Are you a food addict? Are you looking to recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body? Do you want to know how to take the 12 steps and live in the “Sunlight of the Spirit?” If so, … Continue reading

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Emotional Sobriety – A Spiritual Solution

The original program of recovery as outlined in the AA Big Book is deceptively simple and deeply radical. It is not psychological or therapeutic model of change. Instead, the 12 Step model of recovery seeks to create change through a spiritual … Continue reading

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Why Do I Eat Inappropriately?

Today, during our group, we read in the “Brown Book” Overeaters Anonymous that “it is our thoughts that precede our emotions, and it is our emotions that make us eat inappropriately and become physically obese.” (pp 194) Some people questioned … Continue reading

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How can I know God’s Will for me? Step 11 and the 4 Absolutes

How can I know God’s Will for me? We have a mental obsession and a physical allergy for which there is only a spiritual solution. The goal of our workshop is to apply the spiritual principles embedded in the 12 steps. … Continue reading

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