How can I know God’s Will for me? Step 11 and the 4 Absolutes

How can I know God’s Will for me?

We have a mental obsession and a physical allergy for which there is only a spiritual solution.

The goal of our workshop is to apply the spiritual principles embedded in the 12 steps.

When we are living in the solution we live a life filled with hope, purpose and direction.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are guided by spiritual principles and we are living in harmony with God, ourselves and others.

The 4 Absolutes are a useful tool for making decisions, self-examination and living a principled life.


When I examine my thoughts, words, and actions:

Am I acting out of Love?

Am I being honest?

Am I acting unselfishly?

Are my motives pure?

When I am doubtful or between activities:

Ask: “God, how would You have me be in the present or upcoming situation?”

“God, what would You have me do?”

Personally, I say: “God, please show me You Will and align my will with Your Will so that I should do Your Will always.  Please bless me with the right thoughts, words and actions.  Please guide me to make the next right step.”

Applied diligently, over time, we will change the way we experience the world and transform not only ourselves but the people around us.

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