Homework for August 11, 2013

Thank you for your interest in  The Emotional Sobriety OA Workshop

This morning we shared our writing on  “What does it look like in your life when you demonstrate absolute Purity?  Write out a vision for yourself….”

We read the introduction to the AA 12&12

We read the Step One Written Inventory which is now listed in the document tab of the blog.

The homework is to spend 10 minutes/day writing on the questions from the Step One Written Inventory worksheet.

Next week, we will begin reading and sharing on Step One.

The playback reference number is 2226857#.

The NA 12 &12 is now also in the documents tab.

If you missed this week’s meeting, or you want to listen again, please see the “Recordings” page for further information.

Looking forward to “seeing” you all next week!

With blessing for recovery and peace,


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  1. Am I addicted to changing my mood? This is a very interesting question as I never thought of being addicted to my moods. I find that for me I tend to stay in a serious mood through out the day.. I need to remember to smile and I have to remind myself to do so. While I was eating and a young girl I was a joker and took life very today. I was the class joker and had a funny comment for for everything. My father passed away at a young age and I remember my mother saying”No one should see us sad. You cry in your pillow at night. I put on my lipstick and a smile. No one wants to be around sad people.” This message stuck with me all the years. Today I know I need to express my feelings and I cannot keep things bottled up in me. I share whats going on through my phone calls and in my 11 step writings. These tools really help me get out of myself and lighten up.I use them regularly as they really keep me grounded. I would say I am addicted to them as I see the positive results. The tools really help me change how I’m feeling and help me move on. The messages I hear from people is God talking through them to me. It is very powerful and rewarding.

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