Homework for August 18, 2013

Thank you for your interest in The Emotional Sobriety OA Workshop

This morning we read and shared on the foreword of the AA 12&12.

We began sharing what we wrote in our Step One Inventory worksheet,  which is listed in the document tab of the blog.

The homework is to spend 10 minutes/day writing on the questions from the Step One Written Inventory worksheet.

Next week, we will continue reading and sharing on Step One.

The playback reference number is 2233149#.

If you missed this week’s meeting, or you want to listen again, please see the “Recordings” page for further information.

In 2 weeks, we can start our new phone conference number. There is a separate number for Switzerland, which might make it easier for our group member there. If anyone will be traveling overseas, please let me know, as there are also numbers that are specific to other countries.

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1500

Participant Access Code: 1001209#

Conference Play Back
Playback Number: (712) 432-1202
Access Code: 1001209#

If you are calling from Switzerland, the call in number is +41 (0) 44 595 90 80

Playback number: 41 (0) 44595-9089

Looking forward to “seeing” you all next week!

With blessing for recovery and peace,



  1. fix god to good (5th row from bottom)
    fears and insecurities will be removed . Last sentence needs the word will

  2. My addictive thinking can be very strong in my life today. When I was eating and out of control with the food my actions were compulsive and that of an addict . I was not aware of my addictive thinking. I was in a fog of denial. Being in recovery and having been through the steps , I am more aware of my thoughts and where they can lead. My thoughts take me into fear, doubt and insecurity. As soon as I go into that zone I need to ask God to remove them and direct my thinking to be divorced of them. When I let myself go there, I am pulling away from God. God gives me everything I need. The words I share at a meeting are God given and when I let myself think that I’m not god enough or I do not sound like someone else, I am putting down God’s gifts that He bestows on me and putting my trust and faith in finite self. My addictive thoughts are my daily challenges . Each day I need to trust and rely on Infinite God for all my needs and that my fears and insecurities will be removed from me in Gods time.

  3. Being powerless over food has given me much freedom around food. I know what my binge foods are and abstaining from them each day creates neutrality. I am not living in the viscous cycle of starting and stopping. I am no longer afraid of food and of going to places where food is being served.Each day I need to say this step and ask
    God to remove any compulsive thoughts and behaviors and to protect me from my powerlessness. As long as I remember that I do not have this power and God is giving me the power to abstain, then I do not have fear around the food.

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