Homework for August 25, 2013

images (3)Homework for August 25, 2013

Thank you for your interest in The Emotional Sobriety OA Workshop

This morning we read and shared on step 1 until page 22, par 1 in the AA 12&12.

We continued  sharing what we wrote in our Step One Inventory worksheet, which is listed in the document tab of the blog.

Here is the link:

Step1 written inventory (2)

The homework is to spend 10 minutes/day writing on the questions from the Step One Written Inventory worksheet.


Next week, we will continue reading and sharing on Step One.

The playback reference number is 2239370#.

If you missed this week’s meeting, or you want to listen again, please see the “Recordings” page for further information.

There will be no meeting September 1, 2013 due to the Labor Day holiday.

After Labor Day, we will start our new conference call number listed below.

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1500

Participant Access Code: 1001209#

Conference Play Back
Playback Number: (712) 432-1202
Access Code: 1001209#

Conference Number for Switzerland: the call in number is +41 (0) 44 595 90 80

Conference Number for Israel:  972 (0) 76-599-0060

Playback number: Switzerland: 41 (0) 44595-9089

Israel: 972-0-76-599-0669

Looking forward to “seeing” you all next week!

With blessings for peace and recovery,




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