How to deal with resentment

How to deal with resentment

  1. Act: Resentments keep us stuck in the past: we feel resentful when rightly or wrongly something in the past did not go our way. We cannot change the past, we can only respond to what is going on this moment. Acknowledge the feeling, and accept the situation as it is.  We need to focus on: What is the next right step?
  2. Look for the good and focus on what you have to be grateful for. When we feel resentful, we focus on what is wrong rather than what is right. When faced with a difficult situation or an uncomfortable feeling, focus on: what can be gained from this? What is good or positive about this otherwise uncomfortable feeling or event?
  3. Forgive: The people who have wronged us are spiritually sick…… God is running the world and everything unfolds according to His plan.  When we have a resentment, it is usually not personal.  We are all human: perfectly imperfect.  Focus on accepting with love the person, institution, or situation.
  4. Trust God: He will give us what we need, even if it is not always what we want.  That doesn’t mean that it is going to be comfortable or feel good.
  5. Seek God: how would He have me be?
  6. Release the feeling, let it go: the more we think about the resentment, the more we try to justify the feeling and our own negative behavior.


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