A Spiritually Asleep or Awakened Inventory

I found this on a different website and I thought that it reflected some of what we having been discussing with respect to working a program of recovery and living in the solution.

A SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP OR AWAKENED INVENTORY: Are you asleep with your eyes open or are you really awake?

Every man everywhere in the program is on his way to an Awakening. Some men take the long route and some take the short route. Every man is working out his own way and nobody can be of help except by being kind, generous, and patient.

I may claim that I’ve had a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and that I am currently EXPERIENCING God, yet I had to ask myself the following questions to see if my actions match my words:

Am I causing envy and strife, confusion rather than harmony in the fellowship of AA? “

Am I still governed by the principles which are practiced by those still ASLEEP?

As long as I am engaged in debate, contention, and strife, is as long that I show I am governed by principles and feelings of which those that are still ASLEEP.

Do I still feel the need to be superior?

Do I still feel the need to be right, prove my point, and defend my beliefs?

Does all this cause envy, dispute, and contention?

Am I still in collision with everyone and everything?

Have I ceased fighting anyone and anything?

Am I still “acting” and “conducting” myself the same way I have before I claimed I had a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING?

Am I conducting myself in the same manner of those still “ASLEEP “ and inviting those same principles into my life that those “ASLEEP” are still practicing ?

Yet I am claiming that I am “AWAKE”…am I really ASLEEP only dreaming that I am AWAKE?

Am I still caught up in the mechanics of the steps and forgetting that they are only a tool and a path to GOD?

Am I really practicing LOVE and trying to UNDERSTAND rather than to be UNDERSTOOD, of being united and harmonious as members of the same fellowship?

Am I practicing patience and tolerance in all my affairs?

from: http://12stepstoanewlife.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/a-spiritually-asleep-or-awakened-inventory-are-you-asleep-with-your-eyes-open-or-are-you-really-awake/

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