Tradition 5 Group Inventory

Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to the

alcoholic who still suffers.

1. Do I ever cop out by saying, “I’m not a group, so this or that Tradition doesn’t apply to


2. Am I willing to explain firmly to a newcomer the limitations of AA help, even if he gets

mad at me for not giving him a loan?

3. Have I today imposed on any AA member for a special favor or consideration simply

because I am a fellow alcoholic?

4. Am I willing to twelfth-step the next newcomer without regard to who or what is in it for


5. Do I help my group in every way I can to fulfill our primary purpose?

6. Do I remember that AA old-timers, too, can be alcoholics who still suffer? Do I try both

to help them and to learn from them?

Click to access smf-131_en.pdf

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