Integrity: A Personal Quiz

Personal Integrity Quiz- 25 Questions

The principle of Step 5 is integrity. I thought that everyone might enjoy a quiz on this virtue. I liked because it demonstrates concrete actions that we can take to strengthen ourselves in this area.

By Barbara Killinger
From the book “Integrity: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason”

Do I have a healthy respect for rules, regulations, and laws?

Do I strive for humility and wisdom in my daily dealings?

Does compassion win out over critical judgment when I am assessing a situation?

Do I actively reality test with others to avoid self-deception?

Do I avoid impulsive actions by building in a waiting period before I make a major decision?

Is my focus on doing the thing, rather than on whether I will be caught if I don’t?

Do I consider the impact of my behavior on other people before I act?

Do I choose to tell the truth even faced with the possibilities of negative consequences?

Do I search for one of life’s lessons whenever I inadvertently make a mistake?

Do I guard against laziness and slot by being self-disciplined in both my personal and professional lives?

Do I consider the ethical and moral implications of my choices?

Is my conscience an effective monitor in critiquing my own thoughts and behaviors?

Am I fair and equitable in my dealings with others?

Do I accept that neglecting to tell the truth is a passive-aggressive form of lying?

Do I refrain from second-guessing others and ask them directly?

Do I consider it my duty and privilege to always with integrity?

Do I express my gratitude to others who exercise their integrity with me?

Am I a responsible person when it comes to following through on a promise?

Do I try to understand other’s actions even when I’m frustrated or angry with them?

Do I avoid projecting blame by taking 100 percent responsibility for my own reactions to situations and people?

Do I consider perfectionism and idealism a distortion of reality?

Does my deeply felt compassion for others motivate me to take positive steps to help correct a wrong or injustice?

Am I reliable and reasonably consistent in carrying out my daily responsibilities?

Are my actions in harmony with my best intentions?

Do I counter my arrogant tendencies to feel special and superior by trying to be empathetic, to walk in another person’s moccasins?

How do you score?

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