Step 6 and 7 from The Little Red Book

The objectives of Step Six and Seven are:

1. To become honest and humble. To willingly seek God’s help without reservation.

2. To perfect ourselves in the practice of unselfish prayer.

3. To be aware of our defective character traits.

4. To desire their removal.

5. To surrender completely all defects of character.

6. To believe God can remove them.

7. To ask Him to take them all away.

The results we expect from the pursuit of these objectives are:

1. A reconciliation to God’s way of doing business. We become “fed up” with our way and with further practice of trying to run the show ourselves.

2. A willingness to work out a plan for suppression of self-centeredness through faith and conscious contact with God.

3. To experience dissatisfaction as a result of our alcoholic practices and to seek a spiritual inspiration that will bring us an inner sense of peace and security.

4. Increased faith, clean hearts and minds, ability to offer unselfish prayer.

5. A spiritual courage that is fearless in its outlook on life; a desire to make restitution to those our drinking has harmed.

6. A desire to quit bluffing and honestly give God a chance to remove from our lives all that stands in the way of our usefulness to Him and others. True humility.

7. Elimination of our defective character traits, acquisition of peace of mind, and sobriety.

The Little Red Book page 74

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